Direct marketing primarily focuses on allowing your business to communicate directly to prospective customers through advertising techniques that include (and are by no means limited to):
  • Email
  • Phone SMS marketing
  • Interactive websites
  • Direct-response adverts
  • Fliers and brochures
  • Catalog distributions
  • Promotional letters, and
  • Out-of-home (OOH) advertising

Its marketing messages seek to elicit a specific call to action when addressed directly to targeted audience.

Improve your business return on investment (ROI)

How Direct Marketing benefits your business?

Direct marketing enhances your competitive advantage in the market place. It is able to measure the reachability and responsiveness through a metric known as ‘response’ rate. The response rates determine how well the campaign was conceived and executed.

Apart from establishing a relationship with your customer, successful direct marketing also involves compiling and maintaing complex relational databases of pre-screened individuals to enable your business to:

  • Target best prospective customers
  • Cross-sell related products or services
  • Launch new products to existing customers
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